Marcie L. Wagner, CFRE, Founder

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ML Wagner Fundraising Group was founded by Marcie Wagner, a veteran of the non profit industry. With two decades of experience as a professional fundraiser and grant writer for national and international non profits, her favorite success stories are those attached to working with smaller organizations. Groups with passionate leadership, a unique mission, poised for greatness – all they needed was a gentle push in the right direction.

ML Wagner Fundraising Group and its team of experts in areas ranging from federal grant writing to non profit law, works with clients on an hourly project related basis or long-term, comprehensive fundraising development. Prior to each engagement we develop a formal proposal that clarifies the services to be provided, specific deliverables, a time period for the arrangement and the fee and payment structure, including how out-of-pocket expenses are billed. Email for a free one-hour consultation, request a formal proposal or submit questions. Let us take care of it....

Code of Ethics
ML Wagner Fundraising Group adheres to the code of ethics of the American Association of Fund Raising Counsel in establishing fees for service. This code states that fees are charged at a set and agreed upon rate to the client, and that Wagner Fundraising will never take a percentage of funds raised, nor do we accept commission on any service.

It doesn’t take big money to make a big impact – just passionate people.

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